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For about 25 years I have been working in the field of Sports security. Today, I serve more than 4,000 athletes worldwide together with my employees of “Handball service of Mark Wilke“. From Olympic champions, world champions and European champions up to the district champion, we care for athletes from all sports with pleasure. With an approximate 26% market share (as of September, 2021), we are market leaders in the area of Sports assurances in Germany. We already insure our partners in numerous sports associations in the European foreign countries. This large responsibility is both an incentive and motivation to us. Competitive sports are in a steady change, as are the needs for suitable security. A multifaceted and far-reaching network helps us to adapt and improve our range of services constantly. Thereby we guarantee a comprehensive and professional handling of all services rendered up to, and throughout the entire recovery process, 24 hours and worldwide! 

what you can rely on Our work

 With the athletes is very much so based on a high degree of trust. Only together can our aims be achieved. At our work we concentrate exclusively upon our core competences. We don’t implement immoral and legally questionable business practices such as influencing an athlete’s professional decisions, cancelling existing contracts or overstep managerial authority


 The inherent risk in occupational sport and leisure sport is interwoven and ever-present. Potential exists here to pose high danger to athlete, players club and association respectively in the possible case. We work you directly and together tailor our service package to the exact needs your recovery.


We provide for every client individually co-ordinated concepts for accident insurances against disability, illness insurances against disability, sick-day reimbursement insurances against disability and sports insurances against disability. Also, we make available of course all private material assurances or a suitable property damage custody assurance. In the accident and health insurance sector we offer worldwide solutions and for nearly every sport. Some of these offers are offered EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY WITH US! 

Upon request we also work side by side with the athlete to ensure financial security even beyond their active career.


Our far-reaching network is available to all our clients.

Our performance range 

Of course, we wish all our clients an exceptional and healthy career without a single accident. However, if it comes to be that you require our services, we stand together with our partners to care for you in all manners.


Medical Care

When required we can fall back on famous sports doctors and specialists who have specialised in an extremely broad range of expertise. Some of whom even had successful sports careers themselves, or are now caring for various national sport teams medically. .



Just after sports injuries a perfectly co-ordinated rehabilitation is the corner-stone for the successful continuation of your career. Famous rehabilitation facilities of all specialties, including one of the best-known facilities in the area “Burn out” in Germany, belong to our partners


Legal Advice

Our juridical partner belongs to the leading solicitor’s offices in Germany in the areas of Social security rights, sports rights and law of contract. Together with his partners our legal adviser after previous check can also represent civil disputes abroad.


Claims entitled to the professional association

Also, with claims from sports injuries entitled with the professional association we can fall back on a partner who is active for many decades in this area and has served more than 1000 athletes. Claims from the legal pension scheme also belong to his field, which is especially important for athletes from abroad.


Tax consultation

Every professional association requires just answers to tax questions. Our partner has acquired, by the consultation of various athletes as well as associations, longstanding experience in this field and knows the so important specific details for you at home and abroad 

We are a partner of many internationally operating sportsmen's associations.

Unser Netzwerk

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-08 um 22.54.07
ALTIUS Swiss Sportmed Center AG
Contact Person:
Dr. med. Lukas Weisskopf

ALTIUS Swiss Sportmed Center AG Habich-Dietschy-Strasse 5a, CH-4310 Rheinfelden www.altius.ag

accepted specialist for Achilles tendons Consulting & Treatment of sport injuries at tendons (Achilles tendon, Patella, Hamstring, Plantar fascia), at knees (specific surgeries at meniscus and cruciate ligaments), at ankle joint, as well as surgical split of compartmens at functional compartment syndrom Doctor of Swiss Olympic team in Vancouver 2010, Sotchi 2014, Pyeongchang 2018 Associational doctor of Swiss Curling, Swiss Ice Hockey, Swiss Handbal
Dr. med. Jens Tylkoski
Helios Klinik Jerichower Land GmbH
Contact Person:
Dr. med. Jens Tylkoski

Helios Klinik Jerichower Land GmbH
August-Bebel Str. 55a D- 39288 Burg

Chief of medicine of clinic for orthopedics and emergency surgery Specialist for surgery, orthopedics and specialized ermergency surgery Caring for notable athletes of “Handball Service Mark Wilke” at home and abroad for many years
Contact Person:
Dr.med. Michael Joneleit

ORTHO-KLINIK RHEIN-MAIN Frankfurter Str. 108 D- 63067 Offenbach am Main www.ortho-rhein-main.de

Specialist for shoulder and knee surgeries as well as sports traumas Club doctor Offenbacher Kickers Former club doctor of Hamburger SV and FC Basel Doctor of the German Decathlon team

Max Grundig Klinik
Contact Person:
Andreas Spaetgens

max grundig klinik
Schwarzwaldhochstraße 1, D- 77815 Bühl www.max-grundig-klinik.de

psychosomatics, radiology and physical exams check-up center The specialist clinic stands for modern diagnostics and first-class medical service.
Medical director: Prof. Dr. med. Curt Diehm
Torsten Stöber
Torsten Stöber
Contact Person:
Torsten Stöber

Fachanwalt für Versicherungsrecht Fachanwalt für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz

Klier & Ott GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft stoeber@klier-ott.de http://www.klier-ott.de

Klier & Ott - Büro Berlin Reinhardtstraße 52 10117 Berlin
Klier & Ott - Büro Potsdam Eisenhartstraße 18 14469 Potsdam
All common law areas are served in this law office.
Kerstin Khaiberae Steuerberaterin
Contact Person
Kerstin Khaiberae

Luise-Mewis-Str. 33 D- 39576 Stendal

Years of experience in setting up all tax relevant documents for athletes in Germany Contacts for German athletes in foreign countries

Unsere Referenzen

Olafur Stefanson

Olafur Stefansson
(Isländische Handball Legende)

„Whether back then as a player or now as a coach- there is one point that has not changed over the years: Mark‘s reliability, no matter where in this world…“


Konstantin Schad (Deutsche Snowboard- Nationalmannschaft)

“With Mark you just feel like family. The service can’t be better.”

Vanessa Voigt
(Deutsche Biathlon- Nationalmannschaft) Bronze Olympia 2022

“Due to competitive sports, I need good protection in various areas for the future, there I can especially trust Mark and that I will be well advised at all times. Even in an emergency, I can count on him 100%, no matter what time.”

Hartmut Mayerhoffer

Hartmut Mayerhoffer (Trainer FRISCH AUF! Göppingen)

“Mark knows the demands of a top athlete. Long-standing experience and his extensive network enable him to offer a service co-ordinated around the needs of the athletes. It is reassuring to know such a trusting and dependable partner is on one’s side.”

Patrick Wiencek

Patrick Wiencek
(THW Kiel)

“Mark has been taking care of the needs of my family and I for 10 years. There has never been a problem he could not solve.”

Louisa Lippmann

Louisa Lippmann
(Deutschland Beachvolleyball)

“Mark gave me confidence in insurance again. It is reassuring to have a specialist at your side who provides security worldwide.”

Gedeón Guardiola

Gedeón Guardiola
(TBV Lemgo & Spanische Handball- Nationalmannschaft)

“You can rely on Mark- ALWAYS!”

Mark Wilke

Bismarckstraße 106
39517 Tangerhütte

Telefon: 03935 / 97 59 967
Fax: 03935 / 975 99 69
Handy: 0172 / 391 60 36
E-Mail: mark-MW/at/web.de